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A Magnificent World

10 February – 16 March 2012

A Magnificent World brings together four Western Australian artists, Pia Bennett, Thea Costantino, Joshua Fitzpatrick and Anna Nazzari, to explore tales of sorcery, medieval miracles and the grotesque.  Through varied media, each artist revisits these imaginings to uncover an evocative and fertile history of the absurd, fantastic and sublime. 

Perth collaborative duo Pia Bennett and Joshua Fitzpatrick place together fragments of found imagery, employing repetition, distortion and layering to create a series of paintings, linocuts and sculptures that reference beastly forms and garden imagery. Thea Costantino similarily disrupts and distorts found images to present a multi-part body of work that will span drawing, sculpture and text to examine notions of embodiment, death, transience and memory. Artist Anna Nazzari will reflect on the medieval belief that everything in the world is explainable through an “omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent” creator. Her pyrographic drawings on rock maple reference styles and techniques from the past and feature a series of bizarre vampire hybrid animals.

Collectively the artists consider whether these early explanations are a naïve, anxious search for meaning, or perhaps part of a larger and ongoing desire to understand the unknown.

Image credit: Thea Costantino Portrait I 2011, graphite and gesso on marine ply, 59 x 42 cm