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18 October – 22 November 2013

Western Australian artist Andrew Varano presents a new series of drawing and sculptural work in his solo exhibition, Final Shavasana. The works continue on from his previous explorations with kinetic sculpture and are evidence of his sustained interest in movement, psychology and systems.

Varano has maintained a diverse approach to artmaking in his career to date and has worked across a range of media to produce artworks that often create spaces for contemplation. His previous lo-fi style kinetic sculptures utilised repetitive movements and sequences to draw the viewer into points of focus within a sculptural assemblage. Through the use of these specific aesthetic strategies and their accompanying soundscapes, the works aimed to engineer a focus, which could be equally described as both Zen-like and neurotic.

Final Shavasana builds upon these concepts to examine repetitive movement through undertaking studies of the human body in the state of exercise and structured poses. The artist suggests that gym equipment can be seen as a form of kinetic sculpture and that the repetitive movement that these dictate can provoke a kind of mild mind/body split, causing one to experience a sense of disembodiment.

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