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Dance Music

11 April  – 16 May 2014
Australian artist Ben Barretto, currently based in Los Angeles, USA, will return to Perth in 2014 to present a solo exhibition at Venn Gallery. In Dance Music, he will exhibit a series of new works, which highlight his distinct approach towards artmaking. The artist’s interest in recursive systems and the interception between the visual, performance and music is explored over various processes which will be presented in the form of oil paintings, sculptural installations, video and woven tapestries.

The prominent series in Dance Music is a body of work made using only oil paint and the canvas in a process the artist calls ‘painting paintings’. Barretto recently developed this method, where a set amount of oil paint is spread over a number of canvases and the surface of each canvas is systematically stamped onto the surface of the next. He repeats this action and continues the cycle until an even layer of coverage is achieved, following this he then picks up one painting and uses the corner of the canvas frame to draw into the surface of the next painting, and vice versa. Using the canvas as his only tool, the result is a series of marks that reveal the underlying layers of paint as well as a record of this sometimes physically awkward performative process.

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