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22 August – 4 October 2013

NEW WORLD ORDER is a group exhibition featuring new work by artists, Tom Mùller (Perth), Yarra Vega (New York) and Augustyn Schwarzwald (Berlin). Examining the globalisation phenomenon and the subtle boundaries between reality and fiction, the show features prints, sculpture, installation and video.

In bringing together three diverse artists situated within a geopolitical landscape, the exhibition explores the origin of things, freedom of circulation and national identities. New World Order is a political term used to describe the emergence of a totalitarian one-world government and in appropriating this term the exhibition seeks to disrupt this autocratic notion, by advocating cultural and ideological diversity.

About The Artists

Tom Mùller is an Australian based artist and produces drawing, sculpture and installation work that investigates world systems in various modes, both real and imagined. His visual language is a refined, complex amalgam of the vocabulary of modernist art, design, contemporary graphics and architecture.

Yarra Vega is an emerging Puerto Rican artist working out of Brooklyn, New York. Vega’s lyrical and poetic work heavily draws on Caribbean folklore and often borrows from the modernist geometric palette and the non-figurative.

Augustyn Schwarzwald is a Polish born German based artist who works across painting and installation. Inspired by the secret arts, and the probing of the sublime, Schwarzwald seeks to emulate greater universal truths through his practice.

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