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5 July – 16 August 2013

Maghrib is an exhibition of new sculptural and installation works by West Australian artist, Abdul-Rahman Abdullah. The works are an exploration into the subjective architecture of memory and investigate how personal history constructs a sense of identity. Abdullah’s refined technical skills are demonstrated through the production of a series of meticulously sculpted human and animal forms as well as domestic inspired interiors and objects. Utilising a range of materials including cast resin, timber and acrylic, Abdullah also incorporates found materials into the works, such as vintage furniture and lighting.

In Maghrib, Abdullah draws on his own personal history, memories and sense of identity, focusing on the implications of a heritage that is in equal measure Muslim, Malay and Australian. He presents the viewer with a body of work that negotiates a domestic landscape of overlaid cultural narratives and seeks to reconcile the household hegemony of Islamic ideology with the permeation of Malay animism within a suburban Australian environment.

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