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A Comprehension Of The Farthest Points

17 May – 28 June 2013

Gallery 1

Clare Peake has recycled her past works on paper, art texts and visual diaries to create a series of drawings on handmade paper and papier-mâché objects. These delicate graphite drawings and painted structures continue Peake’s interest in investigating conceptual mapping and the process of making.

The development of this new body of work began as a project that set out to go nowhere in particular, beginning from an inkling that something should be made, but without knowing exactly why or what the outcome would be.

In an effort to understand the urge for making, the work proposes no solutions or definitive end points. It is instead a journey of contemplation, a thought process and a comprehension that fuels Peake’s practice, one that acknowledges that confusion, misdirection and uncertainty form inherent parts of art making and creativity.

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