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In The Shadow Of The Past, This World Knots Tight

29 March – 10 May 2013

Gallery 2

Two new works by Australian artist Kate McMillan form the exhibition, In the shadow of the past, this world knots tight. Both works continue a trajectory of McMillan’s practice that she has pursued for over a decade, one that is marked by a number of pivotal installations that use domestic furniture, photography, found and made objects.

McMillan articulates that this approach of working is personal, highlighting for her the relationship between studio practice (play, interconnectedness of various areas of research, home) and her larger installations and film works that require collaboration, extensive planning and offsite working.

The two installation works in the exhibition seek to express ambitious themes and narratives.The darkness saunters, and then sits with me (2012/13) features two intertwined canvases that hover over a 1960’s Danish reclining lounge chair. Distinctly silent, the work offers a reflective space and a place for viewers to pause beneath foreboding Rorschach blot like oil paintings.

In the shadow of the past, this world knots tight (2012/13), includes two torn photographs of Mt Pilatus in Switzerland. The landscapes have been ripped and turned on their sides; unhinged from their context. Situated carefully in front of these is another landscape of sorts – a sharp cast bronze formed from the remnants from the silty bottom of Governors Lake on Wadjemup (Rottnest Island) WA. Both works are framed subtly by painted areas on the gallery wall and each is intended to form part of our interiors – both the artist’s and the viewer’s – allowing for individual free association, interpretation and reflection.

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