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16 November – 21 December 2012

Australian artist Matt Doust presents a series of new portraits and video works made in LA during a recent self-directed residency. The exhibition, Unravel, is a reflection upon internal states and features Doust’s highly refined style of oil painting on canvas and archival paper.

The relocation to a new country encouraged the artist to contemplate ideas of disconnection, both physically and personally. A lack of familiarity and sense of isolation led him to further consider internal landscapes and what dictates these as well as examine ideas surrounding faith. Such reflections inspired the development of this latest body of work, with Doust investigating how both spiritual and physical experiences can affect the individual.

Each of the oil paintings, works on paper and videos feature subjects acting as conduits for the artist’s internal meditations. The resulting works emphasise a distinct poignancy through their portrayal of the subjects with their senses and perceptions altered.