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The Collector

23 May – 27 June 2014

Artist Tané Andrews explores the intricacies of the natural world, often referencing botanical and animal elements in his practice. In his latest solo exhibition, The Collector, Andrews’ continues to draw inspiration from nature and focuses on investigating the patterns and habits of the native Australian White Zebra Finch.

Andrews’ interest in the relationship between humans and nature drove him to work closely with eight White Zebra Finch birds in an attempt to understand whether a creative process could be established between the artist and the birds. The breeding and nesting behaviours of the finches sees them utilise carefully considered materials to create their nests. Andrews selected the materials for the birds to choose from, including natural and precious materials such as gold leaf, white fox fur, horse hair, raw silk, pearls, butterfly wings, twigs and shredded pieces of his past drawings, unaware of what would be used and included in the finches nests. Over a prolonged period of time, a relationship evolved between the artist and birds inspiring the production of a series of new works.

The resulting artworks include an ambitious sculptural installation featuring the birds in a custom built birdcage as well as a series of their completed nests. These sculptural works will be accompanied by hand embossed die-cut paper works and a number of drawings featuring Andrews’ unique stippling technique. The Collector is a poetic and considered exploration into the potential for engagement between artist and animal, one that seeks to understand creative processes inherent in nature and how these can interact with human activity.

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