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Use To Stop Doors From Rattling In Frames

11 July – 22 August 2014

Use to stop doors from rattling in frames is a collection of new drawing, painting and sculptural work by emerging West Australian artist Teelah George. Her practice employs archival information as a departure point for the questioning of place, both her place within the arts community and within Australian societal and historical contexts.

In this body of work, George has continued to look at the contextualisation of place through archival narratives and constructs, engaging with the a number of public and private art collections, including the Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art at the University of Western Australia, State Art Collection of Western Australia, Curtin University Art Collection and the Murdoch University Art Collection, as a departure point for investigating the obsessive nature of collecting and making.

Aligning her studio practice with the idiosyncratic nature of the collection, these large scale works on paper are the result of the obsessive placement, removal and replacement of re-usable adhesives, including power tack and yellow tac, engaging the entropic qualities and research based connotations of the material in order to question traditional notions of art collection and conservation.  

The framing and presentation in Use to stop doors from rattling in frames performs both a pragmatic and conceptual function.  Physically the frame acts as archival equipment for presentation, however this is inherently imbued with connotations pertaining to the collection of cultural artifact and the logistics and ethical issues that are involved with its conservation.  The works will shift within the frame, tac may fall, tape will yellow and these material realties will continue to inform the work, touching on the inherent change of all things over time.

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