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29 March – 10 May 2013

Gallery 1

Formative is a collection of new paintings and sculptural works by Western Australian artist Tom Freeman. In this latest body of work, Freeman continues his interest in familial history, nostalgia and place, developing a carefully considered series that explores the possibilities of process and materials.
The works are all studies of the Kettering Library in the UK, where the artist’s grandfather began his role as librarian in 1953. Freeman documented the interior architecture of the library on a recent trip and these photographs inform the series of paintings and sculptural works.

Form, colour, process and surface as well as an array of materials including acrylic and oil paint, pine, plaster and beeswax have been explored in Formative. The series of small scale oil paintings on pine board are the reference point for each of the sculptural 3D forms which reflect similar processes and materials. Freeman’s decision to present the sculptures on pine tables and the paintings on plaster shelves signifies a circular point of reference between the two mediums. The resulting body of works echo with washed blurs, vague emptiness, half forms and personal significance.

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