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Romance Was Born Revisit Their Patrick Doherty Textile

One of the most wonderful artists we've had the pleasure of representing, Patrick Doherty, creates bright, colourful, confronting work that runs against the grain - his inimitable manner of mixing a rough, free-style street art aesthetic with the conceptual depth and technique breadth of fine art consistently intrigues.

His last exhibition at Venn Gallery, Confessions to god, but not mine, saw Doherty present a series of mural-like works, reminiscent of Hieronymous Bosch in scale and detail.  Laden with multiple impossible possibilities, Doherty's richly imagistic works referenced spiritual, bodily and religious iconography; scattered with god-like beings and historical narratives with a twist.

Forward-thinking Australian fashion designers Romance Was Born, who are known for their sculptural, artistic-minded haute couture creations, and textile collaborations with artists Kate Rhode and Del Kathryn Barton, teamed up with Patrick Doherty back in 2009 to create a unique textile print for their "Doilies and Pearls" collection, utilising Doherty's artwork.

They're re-visiting the print for an archival showcase centred upon a children's exhibition Express yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids currently showing at the National Gallery of Australia. They've created a limited series of adult and baby tees/onesies for the NGV, which can be purchased at the NGV Shop.


Above: Patrick Doherty wearing one of the RWB collaboration tees